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  • Bath Mats

    Looking to clean your bath mat? Use warm water and mild soap to surface wash.  Always remove from tub surface to dry properly. 

    Hang bath mats to dry, after each use, to improve life of mat.

    Trying to engage your little one during bath time?  Dress up your tub floor with a mat displaying juvenile designs or favorite cartoon characters!

    Cushioned bath mats offer a softer bathing environment, perfect for over-worked & tired feet.

    Looking for a quick refresh in the bathroom?  Use decorative tub treads to add interest to tile walls!

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  • Toilet Seats


    Replace the toilet seat for a quick, inexpensive style change (and it’s sanitary!)

    Did you know toilet seats are available in 2 sizes?

       • Standard/Round

       • Elongated/Oblong

    How do I know if my seat is Standard or Elongated?  Measure you toilet bowl from the hinge holes (at the back of the bowl) to the very front, center of the bowl.  Standard seats are usually around 16.5”, while Elongated seats measure closer to 18.5” 

       • How To Video:

    Did you know that toilet seats are produced in various materials?  Wood, plastic and cushioned seats can further complement an environment with a design or coordinating color!

    Need a quick style change?  Add a cloth cover for an instant refresh!

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  • Bath Organization

    An over the showerhead organizer is an easy and inexpensive way to add space to any shower

    Require additional shower storage? A suction-cup organizer/caddy can free up space on a shelf or can add space where a shelf is needed.

    Looking to get organized and conserve space at the same time?  Stackable baskets help provide a home to smaller scattered accessories as well as conserve space with a vertical footprint.

    Your toilet tank is a great place to house several items.  Use a basket to ensure toilet paper, tissues, and other bathroom products remain in place on the smooth porcelain surface.

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  • Décor Solutions

    A bamboo floor mat can help to create a new environment in any bathroom.  Spa escape, anyone?

    Remember, you don’t have to invest a lot of money into your bathroom for it to be the best.  Start with the tried and true basics, then add-on simple features from there.

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