• Potty Training

    Be in the Know (When to Start)

    The biggest question that many parents face, new and seasoned, is "When do I begin potty training?"  The typical answer, "When they're ready."

    Simple and often mysterious, here are some clues to look for: 

    • Your little one tells you when they have need a diaper change

    • He makes it obvious that he is having a bowel movement

    • She understands common potty words such as: wet, dry, clean, wash, sit, go, dirty, etc.

    • She listens to requests: putting a toy away, stopping a behavior, putting on an item of clothing, etc.

    • His attention span has increased while you read to him.

    • He LOVES to imitate and is curious when he sees someone else using a toilet

    • She has less frequent diaper changes

    • He is in the "I can do it" phase

    • Evaluate how you feel about changing diapers versus potty training.

    Interested in learning more?  Download our Potty Training Guide.

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  • Bath Safety

    Creating a safe environment is a concern for every parent and sometimes a little overwhelming. Here are 3 stages to help guide you as your child grows.

    Stage 1:  Creating a safe environment to wash more and worry less
    When your child is still too small for the family tub, use of a smaller bathing environment is recommended.  Baby bathtubs come in several materials and shapes as well as easy-of-use features.  Things to consider when selecting a bathtub to meet your needs:

    • What room do I have to store a tub?
    • What support structure will work best for me and my baby?
    • What bathing needs and accessories will I need within arm reach? And will my new tub hold them?
    • If we travel, how easy is my tub to transport?

    Stage 2:  Protection of elbows, knees and noggins!
    There are several products to help create a safer bathing environment.

    Spout Covers:  Protective guards against bumps, bruises and burns in the tub
    Bath Mats:  Provide a skid-resistant surface
    Bath Bumpers:  Protection against hard tub walls

    Step 3:  Support Confident Bathers
    Soapy suds can be quite slippery! Make certain as your child gains confidence in bathing, there remains a safe surface on the tub floor.  Bath mats and tub treads are a must-have during juvenile bathing.  Bright colors or familiar characters can also help engage child in bath time.

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  • Growing Up Green

    Trying to decide how to help your little one leave an even smaller footprint on the planet? 

    Consider materials, such as bamboo.

    When incorporating new pieces into your child's daily routine, bamboo, a grass and not a tree, is a renewable and sustainable resource. As the fastest growing woody plant in the world, bamboo regenerates within one year without the use of pesticides that are harmful to our environment and our health.

    Consider using reusable containers for lunchtime. 

    According to the market research firm Symphony IRI Group, the sales of paper bags and sandwich bags, which once were school lunch must-haves, are declining. Between August 2010 and August 2011, unit sales of plastic sandwich bags sold declined by 3.17 percent, while paper bags fell by 13.19 percent, compared with the same period a year earlier.

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  • Travel Solutions

    Traveling with a child who is potty training?
    No worries! If your little one is comfortable with the concept of training, then travel potties are a perfect addition to daily errands and family vacations!  Travel potties are available in several styles:  Liners, collapsible 1 time use, petite floor models as well as foldable.  We recommend the foldable version, which allows you to easily store in diaper bag and adapts to adult toilet.

    Traveling with a child who needs extra support during bath time?
    An inflatable tub is perfect for trips to Grandmas or during a family vacation.

    Trying to supply little Miss Independent with everything she needs?
    The Mom Invented Sniffle Duffle is a clip-on pouch that holds tissues, chapstick and other on-the-go favorites.

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  • In the Kitchen

    We've got it covered!

    Let's face it, Kitchen + Kids = Mess!

    From birthday parties to seasonal crafts the kitchen is often the heartbeat of the home and the kitchen table can take a beating.  Mom Invented Tidy Table Covers act as a protective shield against both fushia crayons and Mr. Jack O'Lantern's inner mess. 

    Trying to entice finicky eaters? 

    Good Bites Sandwich Cutters transform the standard bologna sandwich into fun shapes!

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